DUI Process

In case, you have been arrested recently for DUI, then it is vital to understand the whole DUI process. Knowing and adhering to proper process can benefit your case significantly.

A police stop is exactly where understanding your DUI process starts. Before an individual could be arrested for DUI, they must be stopped lawfully by law enforcement official. The law enforcement official should have a lawful reason to stop you and tell the reason to you. If you were ever pulled over lawfully, you’ll then be requested to submit to the field sobriety tests. Failing these tests may lead to getting arrested for a DUI and being asked to then submit to blood or breath test. Your license will be suspended, if you reuse to blood or breath test

Scheduling MVD Hearing

If your license gets suspended, you have 15 days only to request license hearing with MVD. After arrest, you’ll be issued temporary consent to drive until the license is either suspended permanently or you secure MVD Hearing. At MVD hearing, a final decision about your driving privilege will be made.

Criminal Hearing

As DUI is a criminal offense actually, a conviction can lead to a mark on criminal record. In criminal hearing, your DUI charges will be explained and read to you. At this stage, you have the chance to plead being guilty or not being guilty.

You can hire us to represent you the hearing and guide you through the process.